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Second Ashra of Ramadan

The Second Ashra of Ramadan

Ramadan 2024 is here to cherish all the believers around the globe. It is the month of blessings, forgiveness, and autonomy from hellfire. There are three Ashras (10 days) of Ramadan. As stated earlier the first Ashra is called the Ahra e Rahmat. Which means the ten days of blessings for the Muslims. The second Ashra is called the Ashra e Maghfirat, which means the 10 days of forgiveness of Allah SWT.

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Second Ashra, 10 Days of Forgiveness:

The 10 days of forgiveness start on the 11th of Ramadan and end in 20th of Ramadan. These ten days are dedicated to asking forgiveness from Allah SWT. Though throughout the Ramadan, a believer asks Allah SWT for His mercy,  first Ashra is especially dedicated to asking for the blessings and mercy of Allah SWT. Similarly, every Muslim begs for pardon throughout Ramadan, but the 2nd Ashra is especially designated to beg for pardon from Allah SWT.

Specific dua for second Ashra is:

اَسْتَغْفِرُ اللهَ رَبِّىْ مِنْ كُلِّ ذَنْۢبٍ وَّاَتُوْبُ اِلَيْہ

I seek forgiveness from Allah, my Lord, from every sin I committed”

This dua is especially taught by the Holy Prophet for the second Ashra of Ramadan.

Why Beg for Pardon in the Second Ashra of Ramadan:

Every human being is destined to make mistakes. When we ask Allah for His blessings and mercy, it becomes very important to ask for pardon from Allah SWT. Every believer should ask for forgiveness for all past sins and be determined to leave the sinful life.

Allah Almighty never demands extreme piety from a man. He loves forgiving the sinner who begs for forgiveness. Allah Almighty loves His bondsmen, who commit sin, but repent afterwards and beg pardon from Allah SWT. 2nd Ashra of Ramadan is dedicated to this act, which is desired by Allah SWT

 What to do in the 10 days of absolution:

A believer should spend the entire month of Ramadan seeking Allah’s pleasure, His blessings, and His forgiveness. Every moment of this sacred month is precious, like a pearl. A believer should take advantage of every precious moment and should beg pardon from Allah SWT. Some important things to do in this Second Ashra are as follows;

  1. Recite and understand the Quran-Kareem, as much as possible. This brings Allah’s pleasure and blessings to a believer.
  2. Recite the dua taught for the 2nd Ashra as much as possible to beg pardon from Allah SWT.
  3. Spend in the name of Allah, and give alms and sadaqaat to the poor as much as possible. This will help you seek Allah’s will.
  4. Seek forgiveness and pardon from Allah SWT through devotional prayers. Allah Almighty gives a much bigger reward for the devotional prayers, especially in the month of Ramadan.
  5. Seeking forgiveness must not be a superficial action. A believer should repent for his sinful doings and must determine to leave all sinful activities in the future.
  6. Do not miss the obligatory prayers.
  7. Try to offer Taraweeh (nightly prayers) during the month of Ramadan. This will also bring Allah’s forgiveness.
  8. Last but not least is to practice forgiveness with the people around you. Allah Almighty loves to forgive and loves the person who forgives in the name of Allah.

Second Ashra of Ramadan according to Hadith:

Seeking pardon and absolution is very dear to Allah SWT. Allah SWT loves His bondsman, who happens to commit sin but repents of his sin.

He who asks forgiveness from Allah SWT is rewarded in several ways by Allah SWT. In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him said,

“If anyone constantly seeks pardon (from Allah), Allah will appoint for him a way out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not.” (Abu Dawud)

On another occasion, Salman Al-Farisi (RA) reported that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

“The first third of the month of Ramadan is the time for mercy, the second third is for forgiveness, the third is for release from Hellfire…”

In this Hadith, we can understand the concept of the three Ashras of Ramadan as narrated by Prophet Muhammad. Peace be upon him.


The Second Ashra of Ramadan 2024 is a golden opportunity for any believer to wash out his past sins and beg pardon from Allah SWT. In these 10 days, Allah Almighty waits for His bondsmen, who ask for forgiveness and absolution. A believer should utilize every precious moment of these 10 days of absolution and should cry before Allah SWT for repentance and seeking forgiveness from Allah SWT. QuranHost is an institute where you can get every segment of knowledge regarding Islam and Ramadan. We offer fabulous courses to enhance your Islamic knowledge. Come and join our institute to get an amazing experience of Islamic studies in a tremendous environment.

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