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The Ultimate Guide for Anger


Every Muslim has been commanded by Allah SWT to avoid certain deeds. The deeds do not directly come under the category of committing a sin but they are prohibited by Allah SWT in the Holy Quran and Sunnah in multiple instances. One of the highly restricted qualities to adopt is anger. Anger is a strong and powerful emotion that can create negative circumstances for a person and his surroundings. In Islam, the emotion and feeling of Anger are declared as a form of Shaitan, the worst of characters that can demolish the noblest of characters.

The following read illustrates how important it is to control anger and how one can follow a path to control it.

Source of Anger

Extreme anger is the resulting consequence of annoyance and aggression. The Holy Prophet SAW has said that anger is part of the flames of hellfire. It starts at home by breaking up families and grows to encompass war between nations. If a person does not hold self-control, the building of anger can make the life of that person nothing less than hell.

Suppression of Anger

Learn Quran online and you will be taught to suppress anger. The best Quran tutors teach us to not express anger instead suppress it in every instance. The increased expression of anger can lead to the intense suffering of the person on every internal and external level.

Anger Between Relationships

Extreme anger can destroy the essence of relationships. Words said in extreme anger can hurt everyone. Differences of opinions between parents and children or in between the siblings can begin the anger at home. It can be between a husband and wife too. Differences of opinion can lead to daily disputes and negative actions towards each other. You can help suppress the anger by mutual tolerance and the development of understanding between the two.

Guide to reduce anger

The Holy Quran is the ultimate guide to reducing anger and negative feelings. Memorize  Quran online to know what Allah SWT directs the Muslims. It is stated that ‘’And if an evil suggestion comes to you from Shaytaan, then seek refuge in Allah, He is hearing and knowing’’. [Quran, 7:200]. You can follow the below-mentioned remedies to reduce anger and negative emotions in your day-to-day activities. 

  1. Perform Wudu whenever you experience anger as it can cool your temper and bring you instant peace.
  2. Implement positive self-talk. Talk to yourself about the positive things around, the blessings of Allah you own. 
  3. Pray, When you are angry or when you come across an agitated person, at once say, “Auduthu Billahi Mina Shaitan Nir Rajeem” 
  4. Sit down if you are standing to settle down yourself.
  5. Try to look at the brighter and funny side of what angered you.
  6. Remind yourself that Allah SWT is watching, He will do justice to whatever has been done to you. 
  7. Ask for genuine help and consultation.
  8. Take deep breaths, inhale fresh air.
  9. Get some exercise and meditation.
  10. Don’t make any decision in the state of overthinking, and give yourself some time.


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