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Scientific Benefits of Memorizing the Quran

Quran memorization is a virtue according to Islamic commandments

Why Quran Memorization is Important for Muslims?

Quran memorization is a great honor for every Muslim. Every Muslim learns to read the Quran, but Quran memorization is a relatively arduous task. So only the people who are resolute and firm in their intentions. Quran memorization is a virtue according to Islamic commandments. But it is a proven fact that Quran memorization has several physical and mental benefits. Let’s discuss the benefits of Quran memorization in all aspects, I.e. Physical, mental, and spiritual.

Physical benefits of Quran Memorization:

Quran memorization benefits the Hafiz e Quran physically in the following manner

Muslims all over the globe memorize the Quran only to please Allah SWT and seek His forgiveness. But when a Muslim trying to seek Allah’s blessings, Allah Almighty blesses Him with His countless bounties. Among many blessings of Allah SWT that a Hafiz gets, one is physical benefits. Quran memorization benefits the Hafiz e Quran physically in the following manner;

Improved Memory:

It is a commonly noticed a phenomenon that the memory of Huffaz improved a lot after their Quran memorization. We usually notice that everyone, even a person with a very weak memory, can memorize the Quran easily. The Quran’s miracle is truly evident.. But another thing that a Hafiz gets after Quran memorization is a rapid improvement in his memory.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety:

Quran recitation is a stress reliever. Listen to beautiful Quran recitation relaxes the mind and soul. When a person memorizes the Quran by heart, he keeps on reciting the Quran all day long. Thus, recitation of the Quran relieves stress and anxiety. It’s a proven fact now that Quran memorization helps in reducing trauma and anxiety.

Increased Focus and Concentration:

Quran memorization is all about focus and concentration. Anyone cannot learn the Quran by heart until and unless he shows attentiveness and focus. Memorizing the Quran is a long-term process. When a believer memorizes the Quran, he becomes habitual in focusing and attentiveness. That ultimately increases and improves his focus and concentration. This phenomenon helps him in his daily life matters. Increased attention increases a person’s overall performance in his academic as well as routine life.

Improved Sleep Quality:

Quran memorization is a hectic job. One has to learn the Quran at least 10 to 12 hours a day. This hectic schedule makes the persons sleep soundly. This is one aspect. But the other aspect of the relevance of the Quran with deep sleep is more interesting and faith enhancer. It is a proven fact by researchers that the Quran recitation has a soothing effect on the listeners. This pacifying effect makes the listener sleep sound. Even elderly persons suffering from sleep disorders have very positive effects on their sleep patterns.

Reduced Risk of Dementia:

Quran memorization has a very positive effect on the human brain. Elderly people in their last stage mostly have dementia, which causes the person to forget everything. The person usually forgets his present and past. In some cases, one can start living in his past and forget everything about his present life. But a person who memorizes the Quran does not have dementia. These are some of the health benefits of Quran memorization. Now let’s discuss the benefits of the Quran on mental health.

Benefits of the Quran Memorization on Mental Health:

Quran memorization increases the self-esteem of the Quran memorizer.

Increased Self-Esteem:

Memorizing the Quran increases the self-esteem of the Quran memorizer. When a person memorizing Quran, he gets honor and respect in society. Everyone respects the person concerning the Quran. This increase in his respect for society raises his self-esteem in the long run. This ultimately brings a positive change in one’s overall personality traits.

Improved Sense of Purpose:

When a person memorizes the Quran, he feels more responsible for his worldly matters. It is because the Quran memorizer feels himself accountable for every action, in the eyes of Allah Almighty. This sense of accountability improves the sense of purpose in the life of a Quran memorizer. This enriched concern makes him a better human being for society as well.

Increased Resilience:

Recitation of the Quran melts hearts with its heart-melting verses. Thus, the rigidity decreases in a Quran memorizer. The Quran increases resilience and suppleness in the heart of a believer. The stiffness of the heart decreases. This makes a believer a sympathetic human being. This has a very constructive impact on the overall ethical values of a society.

Improved Coping skills:

Quran memorization increases the coping skills of the memorizer in times of stress and anxiety. Quran memorizer has deep faith in Allah. That faith allows a believer to rely only on Allah SWT for every benefit or harm. Similarly, Quranic duas and supplications are great stress relievers. A Quran memorizer recites the duas and supplications more often. These supplications help to relieve stress.

Spiritual Benefits of the Quran:

Quran benefits its reciter and memorizer not only physically, but it has many spiritual benefits. Let’s talk about them.

Increased Closeness to Allah SWT:

Memorization of the Quran helps a believer to increase closeness to Allah SWT. When a believer recites the Quran, Allah Almighty blesses him with his countless blessings. These blessings of Allah SWT multiply to a great extent when a Muslim memorizes Quran. Increased closeness to Allah SWT raises the spiritual esteem of a believer.

Increased understanding of the Quran:

When a believer starts Quran memorization, he learns it by heart. When a Quran memorizer learns translation and Tafseer of the Quran, his understanding of the Quran increases. The Quran memorizer has an in-depth understanding of the Quran’ if he studies Tafseer.

Increased Ability to Recite the Quran:

The ability to recite the Quran increase to the highest level when a person memorizes the Quran. The Quran memorizer has learned Quran by heart, so his pace of reciting the Quran increases automatically. The Quran memorizer develops the best ability to recite Quran, as a result, they recite the Quran much more than an ordinary believer.

Increased Ability to Teach the Quran to Others:

Quran memorization increases the ability of a believer to teach the Quran to other people. A person who memorizes the Quran has a complete grip on pronunciation and recitation of the Holy Quran. This command on different aspects of the Quran helps him to teach the Quran more efficiently than an ordinary reciter of the Quran. Thus, a memorizer of the Quran proves to be an efficient teacher of the Quran.


What did Ahadith say to encourage the believers to memorize the Quran?

Prophet of Allah SWT emphasizes the importance of Quran memorization in many places. He peace be upon Him encourages the believers to learn Quran by heart.

“A person who recites the Quran and masters it by heart will be with the noble Angels (in Jannah). And such a person exerts in learning the Quran by heart, and recites it with great difficulty, will have a double reward.”

Does memorization of the Quran benefit the memorizer?

Indeed, Quran memorization benefits the memorizer physically, mentally, and spiritually. It will be beneficial for the Quran memorizer in the hereafter.

Does Quran recitation affect sleep illness?

The recitation of the Quran has a positive impact on people suffering from insomnia or sleeping illness. It is a proven fact that listening to the recitation of the Quran and Quran recitation relieves the nerves and calms the mind of the person. This helps him to enjoy a sound sleep.


Quran memorization is one of the greatest virtue in the eyes of Allah SWT. But it has many worldly benefits for the reciter of the Quran. Quran memorization benefits the reciter physically, mentally, and spiritually. It will benefit the reciter in life after death., according to the Quran and Ahadith. QuranHost has launched a complete set of courses for the Quran. The best Quran memorization course has a complete solution to all problems related to the memorization of the Quran. Get a free trial and sign in to join QuranHost for your Quran memorization journey.

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