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Learn Quran with Tajweed: A Comprehensive Guide

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What is Tajweed ?

Tajweed is a science of pronunciation and a set of rules which describes how to enunciate every Arabic alphabet. This science also comprises the rules that how to give every Arabic alphabet its dues and rights while reciting the Holy Quran.

Importance of Tajweed:

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Quran e Kareem was revealed in Arabic, which is a foreign language for all non-Arabs. Arabic is not only one of the most eloquent languages in the world, but it has the minutest details about pronouncing every alphabet. The rules and science behind these details are called Tajweed.

Three Factors Helpful for you to Achieve Good Arabic:

Three basic factors can be helpful for you to achieve a good Arabic accent and thus good Tajweed, which are as follows;

  • A reliable Quran institute:

A reliable Quran institute is a key to learning good tajweed. To start learning Tajweed, join a trustworthy online institute like QuranHost..

  • A skilled and hardworking Tajweed Tutor:

Choosing a skilled and hardworking teacher is crucial for your Tajweed class. QuranHost has hired a bunch of specialized Quran Tutors for their valued clients.

  • The practice of Quran recitation daily:

Practice is the key to success to learning Quran with Tajweed. You have to practice the rules of Tajweed that you learn from your Tajweed tutor. You have to practice Quran recitation daily.

Some of the Most Important Rules of Tajweed:

Rules of Harakat:

There are three short vowels (Harakaat) are Fathah, Kasrah, and Dammah.

Fatah: Fatah is a small line, that is put on alphabents. It helps the alphabetys sound like ‘a’, as a sounds in ‘Us’.

Kasrah: is a small line, that is put beneath any alphabet. It gives the alphabet a sound of ‘e’, as the sound of e is in ‘be’.

Zamma: Zamma is a small curl shaped sign that is put on any alphabet.

It gives an alphabet a sound of ‘u’, as the sound of u is in ‘put’.

Rules of Madd:

Mad is a sign which is used to elongate the sound of any letter. Therre are two types of Mad, used in Quran. Following are ther brief rules of Mad;

If the letter of madd is Alif (ا), the letter before must have a fatha sign, and Alif itself remains silent without any vowel.

If the letter of madd is Waaw (و), the letter before must have a dammah, and Waaw remains silent without any vowel.

If the madd letter is Yaa’ (ي), the letter before must have a kasra, and the Yaa’ itself remains silent without any vowel.

Rules of SAkoon:

Jazm is the state of a letter without a short vowel. Since letters without a vowel cannot be recited by themselves, they are recited with a voweled letter.

The symbol for jazm is a small circle, or zero, written above the letter (ــْـ)

The symbol is called jazm or sukoon, and the letter it is on is called sakin.

Rules of Tanween:

The sign of Tanween is doubling the signs (harakat); 2 Fatha, 2 Kasrah, and 2 Dammah. (Tanween) is usally translated as “nonation” which means to double the short vowel at the end of the word.

Shadda Rules:

There are two conditions in which two adjuscent same letters are combined in Shadda, the rules are as follows;

  1. The first letter must have the Sukoon( ـْ ) symbol on it. In other words, the first letter must be sakin سَاكِنْ.
  2. The second letter to combine under Shadda must have a vowel, any vowel,
    a short ( ـَ ـِ ـُ ),
    a double ( ـً ـٍ ـٌ ),

How to Practice Tajweed:

When you have learned and comprehend all the rules of Tajweed, now it’s time to practice.

Certain tips can help you in practicing Tajweed.

  • You should recite the Quran daily, in front of a skilled master of Tajweed. This would help you find out your mistakes. This ultimately helps to rectify your faults in Tajweed.
  • You should listen to recordings of the Quran recitation of the famous Qura’a. This would help you improve your accent and pronunciation of Quranic Arabic. This would also help you to attain a melodious recitation of the Quran.
  • Online Quran resources like websites, institutes, and tutors can help you practice Tajweed rules.

Some Ways of Tajweed Practice:

  • You can practice Tajweed by taking guidance from a Qari in person. This is an effective way of practicing Tajweed.
  • You can practice Tajweed through self-study. In this era of science and technology, it is a doable possibility.
  • You can use online resources for practicing TAjweed. This method is quite helpful for you to practice Tajweed thoroughly and practically.


  1. What are the different levels of Tajweed?

There are three levels of Tajweed, depending upon the pace of Quran recitation. These three levels are as follows;

  • Tahqeeq (Slow)
  • Tadweer (Medium Pace)
  • Hadar (Fast)

Which are the different types of Quran recitation?

  • Ibn Kathir al-Makki recitation.
  • Nafiʽ al-Madani recitation.
  • Aasim ibn Abi al-Najud recitation.
  • Hamzah az-Zaiyyat recitation.
  • Al-Kisa’i recitation.
  • Abu Amr of Basra recitation.
  • Ibn Amir ad-Dimashqi recitation.
  • Abu Jaafar al-Madani recitation.

What are some benefits of learning Tajweed?

  • You learn to recite Quran accurately after learning Quran with Tajweed.
  • You learn the enunciation of every Arabic alphabet.
  • You learn to give every letter its dues and rights.
  • You learn to recite Quran melodiously.

What are some challenges in learning Tajweed?

Tajweed is a set of rules that one has to follow to recite the Quran precisely. One may find difficulty in learning the Quran with Tajweed because of the following reasons;

  • Non-Arabs don’t have an Arabic background so it gets difficult for them to learn Arabic pronunciation perfectly.
  • One may not be able to seek guidance from an expert Quran teacher.
  • Learning the origin of every alphabet, i.e. Makhrij, is a difficult task for a non-Arab.

How to find a qualified Quran Teacher?


Search online for Quran teachers. There are many websites that list Quran teachers by location and availability. You can also read reviews of different teachers to get an idea of their teaching style and qualifications. You can find a qualified Quran teacher by joining a reliable Quran institute like QuranHost.


Learning Quran with Tajweed is a religious obligation of every believer. It is significant, as it makes you able to recite the Quran precisely. QuranHost has designed the most authentic learn Quran with the Tajweed course. This course enables you to recite the Quran properly. This course also lets you learn the melodious recitation of the Quran. Get a free trial class before enrolling in the course. Join the course to be a part of a magnificent expedition of learning the Quran with Tajweed.

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