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How to Understand the Quran Word by Word

Understand the Quran Word by Word

Understanding the Holy Quran Word by Word:

Quran is the last Holy Scripture revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), who was the last prophet of Allah. To Muslims, the Quran has a very special place. As it is a code of conduct and teaches the way of living our lives in accordance with Allah’s will. Quran contains the words of Allah, not only does it have commandments but also the history of Islam, the events that took place before Islam, incidents of former Prophets, books, and scriptures. Knowledge of all these things will be gained only when we Understand the Holy Quran Word by Word. Allah has ordered Muslims to recite and learn Quran. Holy Quran says,

“A Book (the Quran) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may receive admonition.” (Quran, 38:29)

Become a Quran Explorer

Quran is in simple words but still, there are words and codes which only the people with full knowledge about it understand better. As a Muslim, it is everyone who to be able to learn the most from the Holy Quran. In order to do so start by reciting the Quran daily. Try to make it a habit to recite it after Fajr or Isha or whatever time is comfortable. When you recite the Quran and read the translation side by side, this helps clear the concept of what is being said in Arabic and helps get the full context of the verses.

Sometimes if you feel like a certain surah or verse is difficult to understand, zoom in. Try breaking it into sections and then going over every single one of them. This will provide more time to cover small parts and the concentration won’t be divided and a better understanding of the message will be built. After that writing helps too, certain parts which are hard to get or remember, try writing them down so that next time if they come up you have a full idea what they are about.

To understand the Quran word by word, you have to dive into tafsir which will help explain the messages or instructions in the verses and what were the circumstances when they were revealed or who they were revealed for. Listening helps a lot too in better understanding the Quran. Download any Surah with translation and tafsir and you will start knowing it better. Last but not least join Online Quran Classes, this will provide a counselor or helper where ever you face a hurdle.

Understanding the Quran in Arabic

   Study Basic Arabic Grammar:

Knowing Arabic Grammar helps you to string the Arabic sentences together, without needing any translation. This will help appreciate the beauty of the Quran more quickly. if you want learn recitation online. get free trail now

    Learn the Vocabulary that’s Actually in the Quran:

Avoid learning any words that are not in the text of the Quran itself. Simply by taking all of your vocabulary lists directly from the Quran. In fact, only 300 Arabic words account for 70% of the words in the whole Quran, because they are repeated most frequently.

All these things help us achieve our goal, to understand the online Quran reading more. Also, have patience Allah knows your struggle and will reward you for it!


Quran is the holy book that has all the secrets of life. It is a treasure of heaven and contains all the teachings and that Allah demands from humans. To Muslims, the Quran has a very special place as it is a code of conduct and teaches the way of living our lives in accordance with Allah’s will. How we should live our life according to Islamic principles and Allah’s teachings could exclusively be found in the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is necessary to read and learn by every Muslim.

It is obviously better to understand the Quran and its meaning because it is in Arabic. It’s very tough to read and understand you should learn the vocabulary. Study the basic grammar, so you can read it appropriately and in the right tone. In order to read the Quran with a great understanding, you should break it into parts of Surahs. So you can read and understand each Surah with more concentration and patience.

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