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How People Can Easily Memorize the Holy Quran Online?


The Holy Quran is a book for all Mankind and carries rewards for anyone that studies it.  Quran Memorization is an act of worship. Allah has granted special privileges for the one that memorizes the Quran e.g. the Hafiz will take 1 person with him to Jannah on the Day of Judgment. Besides, a hafiz is given precedence over others when it comes to leading everyday prayers. But memorizing the Quran can also be tricky. QuranHost has designed the course “Quran memorize course” for people who have great zeal and interest in memorizing Quran online. If you carry the intention to be closer to Allah, you must memorize the Quran and Allah will make it easier for you to do so.

Important practical and helpful tips that will make it easier to memorize the Quran Online:


The most imperative step in memorizing the Holy Quran is to commit to a routine. The best routine is to get up early daily and memorize the Quran. It will not matter if you memorize only one verse every single day if you do it routinely. It should be your first choice to memorize just a little every day rather than trying to memorize huge portions at once.


Another very significant tip in memorizing the Quran is to listen to the Quran Recitation. Listening to the Holy Quran has a relaxing effect on your day and supports you recognize the rhyming in the verses of the Quran. These can not only aid in memorizing easier but makes it even stress-free for you to understand the Quran. Furthermore, listening to the recitation of the Holy Quran improves your Qirat of the Quran as well.

Learn Shorter Surahs First:

In memorizing Quran Online, one of the most frequently used approaches is to start with short Surahs first rather than learning the long ones. This is because as you learn the short Surahs first, learning capability rises and you figure out the best method that ensembles your memorization. In doing so, you would try to repeat a verse as often as possible throughout your day to memorize it. Doing so loudly will aid you to hear yourself recite these verses and therefore with the help of an online Quran academy, learns them easily.

Trying to Understand the Holy Quran:

The main barrier that is quoted to memorize the Quran is the language barrier. People would say that since the Quran is in Arabic, a language foreign to them. It becomes difficult for them to memorize it because they do not understand it. In clearing this issue, the best idea is to try and understand whatever you are trying to memorize. This can be done through easy translations accessible all over.

Quranhost offers you a flexible schedule along with a very easy methodology for Memorizing  Quran Online under the supervision of our Online Quran tutors. You can memorize the Quran easily at your home. If you want more details about it, visit our website or contact us.

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