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online tafseer classes - online tafseer course

 Best Online Tafseer Classes

Tafseer is the explanation of the subtle narration of the Quran e Kareem. Quran e Kareem is the final divine message of Allah SWT. Quran e Kareem is revealed on Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him, in Arabic, which was the native language of Arabs. Arabs did not need any translation to understand the Quran. But Arabic is a foreign language for the rest of the world. Non-Arabic nations need translation and a Tafseer of the Quran.

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Importance of Tafseer e Quran

Quran e Kareem consists of the following subjects;

  • Basic religious beliefs of Muslims.
  • Stories of ancient prophets and their nations.
  • Some family laws and jurisprudence.
  • Ethical values that every believer should follow.
  • Signs of the omnipotence of Allah SWT, and many other minor subjects.

But all these subjects are addressed briefly. Eloquence is another characteristic of the Quranic language. The non-Arabs have to read the translation and tafseer of the Quran.Must Read : Important of Tafseer quran for the Muslim 

Brief History of Tafseer

Tafseer started developing in the era of Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him. Whenever a companion of Prophet Muhammad SAW felt difficulty in understanding any verse of the Quran, they came to Prophet SAW. He SAW explained the matter.

The duty of Prophet Muhammad SAW was to explain the commands of Allah.

After the Wisaal (death) of Prophet Muhammad SAW, the companions of Rasool SAW, especially the Khulafa e Rashideen explain the Quran whenever it got necessary. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn e Abbas RA was the greatest mufassir of Quran e Kareem.

After Khulafa e Rashideen the primary source of Tafseer e Quran was the sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAW and the description of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This science developed with time. Many scholars work wonders in this field.

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Learn Tafseer online with QuranHost

Today is an age of science and technology. Everything has got shifted online. So is the case with Tafseer e Quran. Learning Tafseer online with an institute like QuranHost is quite convenient and easy as;

  • The flexibility of time and space makes online Quran Tafseer learning a tremendous experience.
  • The one-on-one session between the tutor and the students makes it more rewarding.
  • We have hired male and female Quran tutors to teach Tafseer e Quran for the convenience of students.
  • We offered free trial classes for the satisfaction of the clients.
  • Prompt feedback from Quran tutors helps grow the learning capacity of students.
  • Clients can give feedback on social media sites, which helps rate the institute.

Tips for Choosing the Right Institute for  Tafseer e Quran Online:

  • The first step to choose an institution for learning Tafseer e Quran online is to evaluate your goals for learning Tafseer e Quran. You should be clear about your goals of learning before choosing an institute.
  • You should consider the reviews of the online Quran institute before choosing it for your learning process. Reviews of the clients about any institute shared on different social media sites can be the right way to assess the performance of that institute.

Best Platform for Studying Quran Online:

Learning Quran Online is vague nowadays. This method is getting more popular. But choosing the appropriate institute for learning Quran online is a hard task.

But there is a simple way to choose the best platform to learn the Quran online. It is to have a look at the reviews about the institute on Facebook, Google, and at Trustpilot.

QuranHost is the best institute for learning Tafseer online, as we have several contented customers all over the globe. We have recently celebrated 100 best reviews about QuranHost on Trustpilot, which is a significant achievement for any institute.

Faqs about Tafseer Classes

1:Are online Tafseer classes available for women?

Yes, QuranHost offers online Tafseer classes for women. These classes are taught by female teachers and provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for women.

2: Do you offer Tafseer classes in English?

Yes, QuranHost offers Tafseer classes in English for non-Arabic speakers. The classes are taught by qualified teachers who are fluent in English.

3: What is Quranhost

Quranhost is a website that provides Quran Tafseer services online. It offers various tafseer options including word-by-word tafseer, verse-by-verse tafseer, and thematic tafseer.

4: What languages are available for Quran Tafseer on QuranHost

Quran Tafseer on Quranhost Course is available in multiple languages including English, Urdu, Arabic, and Bangla. Quranhost is a reliable source for Quran Tafseer as it has a team of experienced scholars and teachers who provide authentic and reliable explanations of the Quranic verses.



Learning Tafseer e Quran online should be the priority of every Muslim. Every believer should have the urge to understand and interpret Quran. But it is better to do it under the supervision of some learned scholar. Choosing the best online institute for learning Tafseer e Quran is worthwhile in understanding the genuine message of Islam, described in Quran e Kareem.

QuranHost is the best online institute for reading, learning, and understanding Quran e Kareem online. We have a bunch of highly qualified Quran tutors who work tirelessly to deliver their best to our valued clients. We have designed a comprehensive course for Tafseer e Quran so that you might get the best of the Quran. Come and join our tremendous Tafseer e Quran Course and understand what your Lord is commanding you in the last divine book.

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