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How to Choose the Right Online Quran Teacher

How to choose the Right Quran teacher

How to Find the Best Online Quran Tutor?

Online teaching is a successful mode of learning. Its method can be much more rewarding if you seek guidance from an expert online teacher. But this question may arise: how we can search for the best online teacher for our online Quran learning? Here are some tips and tricks following which you can find the best online Quran tutor for you.

Here are some points that you should keep in your mind while searching for an expert teacher online;

10 Tips to Find the Best Online Quran Tutor

10 Tips to Find the Best Online Quran Tutor

Qualification and Expertise:

The first thing that should be noticed in an online Quran tutor is his/her qualification and expertise. You should keep an eye on the fact that whether the teacher has a degree in that specific subject that you want to learn from that teacher.

If you want to memorize Quran online, the first thing you should ask the tutor should be about his Quran memorization. Only a Hafiz can teach Quran memorization. If you want to learn Quran with Tajweed, your teacher should be a degree holder in Tajweed. He should have expertise in the recitation of the Quran, following the rules of Tajweed. A complete degree holder scholar in religious studies can teach Tafseer e Quran. Thus the Qualification and expertise of an online Quran tutor are the first tips to find the best teacher online.

Teaching Experience:

After Qualification and expertise, another important thing to notice is the teaching experience of the teacher. A comparatively less qualified teacher with more experience is a better choice than a highly qualified teacher with no experience. An experienced teacher knows fully well how to deliver his knowledge to the students. A well-experienced teacher is one of the best choices for a successful learning experience.

Teaching Methodology:

The third significant tip that should be considered in seeking the best online Quran teacher is teaching methodology. An interesting method of teaching is one of the most significant traits of a good teacher. The teaching methodology is the one thing that keeps the students engaged during the class. An interesting and comprehensive method of teaching is a must for the best online Quran tutor.

Language of Instruction:

Language is the sole mean of communication between the teacher and the student. Two people cannot communicate with each other in two different languages. A teacher should have a complete grip on the language in which he has to deliver his lectures to students. This is the reason that QuranHosthas hired Quran teachers who have an equal grip on Urdu, English, and Arabic. As we have to deliver our lectures around the globe.

Availability and Flexibility:

This is the era of science and technology. Things have become so fast. To keep pace with the modern world, a modern Quran teacher has to be flexible in timing. He should be available to the students at any time. Availability and flexibility of timing make online Quran learning much more effective. So the teacher should be flexible in timing and available to the students easily.

Technology and Learning Resources:

A modern-era teacher should be well aware of modern learning resources. He should be conscious of the use of modern technology. Online learning is all about dealing with modern means of communication. A highly qualified and skilled person but not aware of the use of modern technology in the learning process, cannot be a good teacher. So to choose the best online teacher for you, you should check whether the teacher is well-informed about modern technology or not.

Student’s Feedback and Success Stories:

You can seek a good online teacher based on student reviews. The feedback of students can be found on different social media platform. Trustpilot is one such online platform. You can check the rating of any prominent Quran academy here. These testimonials can be helpful for you to seek a good online Quran tutor.

Trial Lessons and Trial Classes:

A trial class is a free-of-cost class that a student can attend. Every reliable Quran institute offers two to three trial classes for every student. These classes allow you to judge the teaching methodology and the worth of an institute, even without taking proper admission. Only trustworthy institutes offer free trial classes.

Pricing and Affordability:

Another important factor is the affordability of a Quran teacher. A teacher should fix the prices that are affordable for the student. Every student cannot afford high prices for learning Quran. So a teacher with affordable prices can be a better choice for the students.

Trust and Reliability:

Another important feature of a good online teacher is his trust and reliability. The more trustworthy a teacher is, the more comfortable the students will be with the teacher.
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How do I find the right online teacher for my child?

You can find the right online teacher by enrolling him/her in a reliable online Quran Academy. QuranHost is one such institute. You can find the best Quran teachers for your kids at our institute.

Can I learn Quran online, if I don’t speak Arabic?

Yes, you can learn Quran online even if you don’t speak Arabic. Online Quran teachers communicate both in Urdu and in English. When you communicate easily with your teachers, you can learn conveniently.

How long does it take to memorize the Quran online?

It takes two and a half or three years to memorize the Quran online. You can memorize the Quran online even for a shorter period. But it depends on your memorizing power and your hard work.

Can I find a female online Quran teacher?

Yes, you can find the best female Quran tutors online. QuranHost has hired the best squad of online teachers, both male and female.

How do Quran tutors assess their student’s progress?

Quran tutors online can assess the progress of their students through tests and examinations.


Online Quran learning can be a rewarding phenomenon only if you seek guidance from a competent online tutor. But it is a challenging task to find a reliable online Quran teacher. But some certain tips and tricks can be helpful for you to find an online Quran tutor. By following these tips, you can find a competent Quran tutor online. Another significant step that you can take is to enroll your kid in some reliable Quran Academy. QuranHost has the best group of online Quran teachers. Join QuranHost to seek guidance from the best online Quran tutors. You can have a free trial class before joining the institute.

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