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Do You Need Wudhu When Reading Quran On The Phone?

Reading Quran on Mobile without Wudhu

The Quran is being recited all over the world, by children and adults alike. However, reciting it on the go has become quite easy for Muslims all over the world. With the help of digital Quran apps on smartphones, tablets, Muslims are now able to carry their Quran everywhere they go. This way, avid Quran readers can conveniently read it even if today’s busy, modern life has made it hard for them to find the time to read it leisurely. 

Although if you are still learning to read the Quran and looking for convenient ways to take classes, you can opt for Quran classes online. At Quran Host, we are offering students of all ages a chance to have a deep understanding of this Holy Book right at the comfort of their own homes. So, instead of going to an institute, you can turn on your computer and take an online class every day. Our classes have tons of benefits, the most major ones being convenience and cost-effectiveness. This way, students can easily learn and understand the Quran from some of the best tutors around the world. 

Whether you are taking online Quran classes on your phone or reading Quran on a digital app, it is important that you understand the rules of Wudhu. Let’s take a look at when it is required to make Wudhu in relation to the Quran.

Touching And Reciting  the online Quran without Wudhu

There is no rule established about this in the Quran, as it was written in an age where technology didn’t exist. However, it is always preferred to be careful when handling the Quran in any way. While it is okay to hold a phone, laptop, or tablet when you are not in Wudhu, you must be in a state of purity when the Quran app is open and running on the device. 

Major impurity:

Always perform Wudhu before you plan on using the Quran app on your cell phone for an online class. This is because, regardless of the writing of Quranic words being on a mobile phone or a page, they are still the words of Allah and should be treated with the utmost respect. 

So, you can touch your phone without Wudhu as long as the Quran app is completely closed. Similarly, you can’t read the Quran on your phone if you are not in a state of purity. Although when it comes to the recorded Quran, it is permissible for you to hear it if you are not pure. However, it is better if you are in Wudhu whether you plan on holding, reading, or even listening to the Quran.

So, whenever you sit down to take your online Quran class, make sure you perform Wudhu, as it is one of the most basic requirements.  

Having Wudhu When Reciting The Quran

We all know that it is extremely essential to be in a state of purity whenever reciting the Quran, even if you are reciting without actually holding the Quran in your hands. The Quran, as we are aware, are the words of Allah. So, to be respectful of Him and His words is highly necessary for every Muslim. 

This is why, whenever you go to recite the Quran, even from memory, during your online class, you must perform Wudhu beforehand. By doing this, you’ll be following Sunnah and respecting the Almighty Allah.


Wudhu guidelines While  Quran Listening 

Now that you know of all the Wudhu guidelines in relation to the Quran, you can implement them carefully in your daily lives. It is important, as a good Muslim, to ensure that you are aware of all these rules and carry them out diligently. Even when taking online classes, you must ensure that you are carrying out Wudhu every time, as it is a necessary step whenever reciting, holding or listening to the Quran. 


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