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Best Quran Learning Online For Beginners

In order to learn to read Quran, QuranHost will design this unique course of Quran classes for beginners that is meant to provide a lead to start the journey of Quranic learning.

As we know how essential it is for the Muslims living in the West to stay connected to the book of Allah and learn to read Arabic properly.

We are here with some steps to help you master the Quran reading, recitation, or memorization. So, let’s get started to know the top steps on how to start the online Quran learning for a beginner

Our prominent Features of Quran classes for beginners.

The reasons why we claim to be the best online platform for Quran learning are the main features of our Quran classes for beginners that are stated here.

Our native Arabic online Quran tutors.

To make reading Quran online easy for you, we have hired exceptionally trained Quran tutors that have passed our differently designed selection rounds.

Reading Quran from the basics is what our teachers make enjoyable and easily understandable for the beginners as they know how to engage the students in online classes.

These professionals are experts in online Quran teaching as they have been practicing the application of innovative teaching techniques for years now.

The plus point is that all of our tutors (male and female) are native Arabs for whom Arabic language is a primary mode of communication. It is easy for them to teach Arabic to non-Arab students.

Customized schedule for online Quran learning.

We don’t follow a single pattern for everyone. Instead, every student gets a customized and personalized schedule for  online Quran learning.

This plan is basically designed according to the time and days our students can give to this course. It merely depends on their learning capacity and how much they can carry on a daily basis.

Time flexibility to learn Quran online for beginners.

We offer flexible timings for Quran classes for beginners. You are not bound to attend your class at the fixed time of the day. Rather, you can let us know which time of the day is most suitable for you to attend the class.

We will provide you with the available teacher for that specific time so that you can focus on your lessons properly.

FREE trial to learn Arabic to read Quran.

What is more attractive than Get a FREE trial to learn to read Quran? Now, you can avail of a free class from any of our available teachers to see how the course is outlined and conducted.

Once you are on board with the teacher and his/her teaching style, you can get a plan for yourself and start the course right away.

Economical fee plan to learn Quranic Arabic

We have kept our fee structure highly affordable so that maximum students can get this golden opportunity to learn Quranic Arabic. This feature makes us stand out from others as we have different packages designed to meet your needs.

One-on-one and group Quran learning classes.

Quran learning for beginners is designed both for one-on-one and group classes to learn the Quran basics in a very engaging way with a step-by-step approach. Now, you can get enrolled in either of them, depending on your priority.

As a beginner, majority of the students prefer one-on-one classes where they get to learn Quran with full focus and attention.

Our group Quran learning classes are also gaining huge appreciation as we make small groups of 4 students of the same age group and learning level. It lets students interact and motivate each other throughout the course.

Rewards and certification to learn Quran for beginners online.

Testing and checking our students’ understanding is yet another feature that makes us different from the rest.

The top scorers are rewarded and appreciated throughout the course. It motivates our students and lets them focus with more dedication and determination.

We also give signed and stamped E-certificates to our regular participants who have successfully completed their Quran classes online with us.

QuranHost will make your Online Quran classes for kids even more engaging with further encouragement through some online competitions and activities.

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What will you learn in basic Quran learning?

Arabic like any other language is super easy and interesting to learn. Learn Quranic Arabic through our carefully tailored course where we have laid great emphasis on:

  • Arabic alphabets

  • Joining letters

  • All the movements of the letters

  • Merging sounds and much more


Qaida Al-Nooraniyah is the book we have chosen for this course as it is the best one to learn Quranic Arabic.

This Qaida is fundamentally for beginners which will gradually lead to Quran reading and recitation. It not only focuses on letter and its pronunciation but also on how to join and make words.


 Levels of Quran learning for beginners.

Quran learning for beginners is designed step by step. We have 3 levels for this course. Each level is attained with revision and repetition. After tests and quizzes the students are promoted to the next level. QuranHost will help you learn the Noorani Qaida. Just get connected to us to start learning from your home


  • Starter plan:

This is the basic level where you will learn the Arabic alphabets, their articulation points, their movements etc. Once you excel in the pronunciation of these letters, you will move on to the next level.


  • Intermediate plan:

In this level you will excel in the tajweed of the small Arabic words that will slowly lead to the whole line, and then to the paragraph. Let’s learn Quran with Tajweed with us to beautify your Quran recitation.


  • Advanced plan:

This is the last level and as the name suggests it is advanced or expert level. In this step you can choose to recite the Quran page by page to perfect your recitation or you can directly start a memorization course. For that, you can choose the Quran recitation course that we are offering.

We make sure that our students practice well in all 3 levels to get the desired results. Our qualified Quran tutors work diligently to make each student perform with his/her full mental capacity.


Quran learning for beginners has become a dire need for every Muslim as we understand the importance of our Deen in our lives. We are here to lend our helping hands for all the beginners who want to learn to read Quran free intentionally. All you have to do is to get enrolled, avail the trial and kick start your learning journey with us. Quran Host has excellent and certified tutors to put you through. Whether you are a beginner. there is a class for you!

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