This year Eid ul Adha will be celebrated on Monday, 17th June 2024. The exact date will be announced by the Moon Sighting Committee on 1st Dul’Hajj.

Qurbani is sacred and noble, however, we all can relate to how much of a hassle it can create! Well. Things aren’t the same anymore! Because Quran Host is here to make sure your sacrifice is done in the most felicitous manner without you missing out on the fun time with your loved ones. Look no further, because Quran Host brings to you the most comfortable Qurbani solution that’s easy on the pocket too. So, choose the Qurbani option that suits you best amongst Goat, Cow, or cow share (Hissa) and book now to experience a complete and hassle-free EID.

Qurbani Eid

Let’s dive into the reasons why Qurbani with Quran Host is an absolute bliss:

  • Hygienic and safe
    Quran Host executes your sacrifice keeping in mind the highest hygiene and food safety standards. Our state-of-the-art facility, temperature-controlled environment, and tested processes allow us to provide you 100% safe and hygienic meat without you having to worry a bit. In this hot and humid environment, skip the Mandi blues and trust us with your Qurbani.
  • Safe & Shariah compliant
    We understand that Qurbani is a sacred matter. We handle your qurbani like our own. Quran Host ensures that the end-to-end qurbani process is shariah compliant. The selection of animals and sacrifice is done under proper Shariah Compliant practices and strict quality controls on meat processing is maintained throughout the process till the meat is delivered to you. No worries of finding the butcher on Eid day! Make the most out of Eid while we make sure your Qurbani is safe and fully shariyah compliant.
  • Qurbani done by Expert & Skilled staff
    Our staff is highly trained and maintains all WHO guidelines of quality and hygiene during these challenging times. The meat is butchered, packed, and delivered by our professional team who are temperature checked and wear masks and gloves throughout the process.
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Quran Host Qurbani Options

Quran Host gives you 4 viable options to fulfill your religious obligation.

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