Understand Quran


This course was designed to help students understand the meaning of the Quran. Student will be instructed by qualified scholars who are skilled in teaching the Quran translation and have full command on Arabic Language and Grammar.


During this course the students will also learn the following:

  1. Your child will learn beautiful Recitation of Quran with Tajweed.

  2. Basic rules of Tajweed-e-Quran (Rules & Pronunciation of Holy Quran).

  3. How to do wodho and offer five prayers daily.

  4. Method of Janaza (Funeral) and Eid Prayers.

  5. Memorization of last 15 Suras (chapters) and Ayat-ul-Kurse.

  6. Memorization of Essential duas in daily life of a Muslim.

  7. Pillars of Islam and belief of a Muslim.

  8. Iman Mojmal, Iman Moffasal, 6 Kalams, Adhan etc.

  9. Heavenly Book, Angles and Famous Prophets.

  10. Basic knowledge of Islam and Islamic terminologies.